Frivolous lawsuit against MMJ.TODAY dismissed


As some of you may be aware, MMJ today’s holding company was recently served with a lawsuit pertaining to the alleged defamation of a certain writer who covers micro-cap stocks trading on the OTC.
This writer in particular had frequently written hit pieces on an MMJ company we cover,  called Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) over the course of a 1 year period.
These articles combined with dozens of articles from writers associated with the same, wreaked havoc on the company’s share price, helping to destroy approximately 300 million dollars in market capitalization, and may have contributed to the hindrance of significant milestones being reached by the company due to the degradation of the public’s perception of the company’s intrinsic value.

In an effort to warn and protect our readers, some of whom are believed to be shareholders of the company, the inaccuracies and slanderous nature of these articles were brought to light by MMJ.TODAY in an article entitled, “Potential Criminal Indictment of Stock Basher Matthew Finston“. We believe the article published by MMJ.TODAY was factually accurate, and represented the true nature of this writers publications, as well as the risks associated with the timing and content of the writers publications. The article was not intended to harm the reputation of the writer, and was not directed at any particular persons, but rather to protect and inform our readers.

Despite MMJ.TODAY’s principal place of business being in Georgia, and with what appeared to be an attempt to establish local Michigan jurisdiction, plaintiff incorrectly filed a law suit in Michigan, alleging that persons in Michigan read the article at caused him significant damage, and that the article was written with the intention of causing personal injury. When MMJ.TODAY attorneys brought evidence before the court proving that plaintiff was attempting to violate our due process rights, plaintiff amended his complaint to suggest that the article published by MMJ.TODAY was elaborately conspired to bolster CEN Biotech’s stock price and manipulate trading activity in “CEN Biotech”, and should be tied to Michigan courts as a result.
A far fetched notion, which was apparently fabricated in a further attempt at establishing Michigan court personal jurisdiction by tying our holding company, to CEN Biotech, further violating our due process rights as a defendant, and without any evidence whatsoever to support such a fabrication. It should also be noted that CEN Biotech was not, and is not yet at the time of this writing, a publicly traded company. It is MMJ.TODAY’s opinion based upon evidence and observation, that facts were manipulated by the plaintiff in an effort to tie CEN Biotech to MMJ.TODAY and that the writer was attempting to claim a whistle-blower reward which did not exist.

Additionally, plaintiff also brought these allegations against parties other than MMJ.TODAY who are completely unrelated to the allegations, who also have no ownership in MMJ.TODAY, and included them in the lawsuit for reasons unknown. Some of whom were served and some not. We regretfully learned that these individuals were pulled into this suit at the time, and we sympathize with them over any stress that may have been caused, but we are grateful that the shameful actions of one individual did not result in any lasting implications for these unrelated parties.
We are also grateful and believe that the court was able to recognize the nature and intent of this lawsuit, and award a fair and decisive victory to MMJ.TODAY’s holding company and other unrelated parties for lack of personal jurisdiction.

MMJ.TODAY thanks you for your support and we look forward to continuing to provide you with factual and ethical content pertaining to the MMJ industry.

Kind Regards – MMJ.TODAY Management


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