Canadian Cannabis Corruption – A Conservative Tale.


Canadian Cannabis Corruption… Yes, I thought that might just get your attention. And for good reason. You see, there is a storm brewing in the wake of Canada’s MMPR program. A tale of political ties, competitive agendas, and conflicts of interest.

I would firstly like to thank one Mr. Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail for initiating this investigation, as without his assistance, we may never have connected this web of deception. Albeit perhaps to fulfill his own underlying agenda, or even, (unbeknownst to him perhaps), the agenda of one Privateer Holdings, perhaps another of one supreme pharmaceuticals, and perhaps even the agenda of one Canadian NDP, I believe Mr. Robertson may have inadvertently bridged an important gap which may very well apply to some, if not all of the entities I’ve mentioned in some form or fashion. Although for the time being I would like to shed some light on what I consider to be some of the most interesting developments.

When we begin discussing a new multi-billion dollar industry that stems from legalization, privatization, or commercialization of Marijuana on an international scale, it’s not difficult to conceive that there may be some Ill ties forming, and perhaps even some “less than ethical” business and political practices being carried out.

And so I will begin by drawing your attention to the writings of Mr. grant Robertson, who as of late, has appeared to develop quite a fancy for the libel of one Creative Edge Nutrition and CEO, who just so happens to have developed a fully MMPR compliant state of the art facility which is in the final stages of receiving a license by health Canada. I say this only to lay the foundation for this article, and to draw attention to Mr. Robertson’s efforts in publishing slanderous articles in regards to this company, which to “some” extent, if based in fact, perhaps he is entitled to do?

And although Mr. Robinson, along with a few very well-known individuals who are very apparently attached to the idea of this companies destruction, in an effort to destroy publicly traded value (speculation tied to an abundance of coincidental facts), do in fact release extremely biased negative articles, like clockwork, immediately following any positive company developments, Mr. Robertson isn’t actually who I would like to discuss…. Yet.

In Mr. Robertson’s article entitled: “Opposition calls for halt to marijuana firm CEN Biotech’s licence bid”, Mr. Robertson states that “The NDP and Liberals are calling on Health Canada to halt the licence bid of the company seeking to become the country’s largest medical marijuana producer, saying the government has failed to perform sufficient due diligence amid serious allegations of misrepresentation and falsified documents.”

Although Mr. Robinson is one of the key proponents of these so called “serious allegations”, and continuously refers to himself indirectly as a viable source of information, he proceeds to cite NDP Deputy leader Libby Davies as his source and quotes several misleading statements against the company based upon Ms. Davies opinion. His opening quote from Ms. Davies is as follows:

“How does a huge application like this, that’s got a whole number of suspicions and questions around it, get to the final stage of approval?” Ms. Davies said. “The federal government absolutely has the responsibility and the capacity to put on the brakes to say we’re going to take another look at this, or to bring it to some other level of investigation.”

I will not spend much time debating the allegations of Mr Robertson, as they have been readily addressed in this recent article, and I encourage you to take a look and decide for yourself.

The trouble, or at least part of it, is that the sources used for these gross misrepresentations all happen to share common or related interests. You may notice I use the words “happens to” a lot. That is merely my attempt to instill faith in my readers in understanding what I have revealed in writing. Though I will spell some of this out as plainly as I can, in case a “happens to” is less than adequate.

When I say common interests, it’s perhaps best if I be plain here…

Grant Robertson of the Globe and mail, speaks highly of Tilray. Though evidence in recent articles alluding to this appear to have been deleted. Nonetheless, Tilray is a direct competitor of the company CEN Biotech, which we have discussed to some extent as being under coordinated attack. This coordinated attack, thanks to Mr. Robertson, has now been identified with strong motive.

You see, we have a conflict of interest at hand for starters, as Libby Davies has been in direct communication with one ex government and parliament employee, Lobbyist Steven Hampton who is now representing Tilray for Brendan Kennedy, President of Privateer Holdings, AKA Tilray, AKA Lafitte Ventures Ltd.

My sources also tell me Mr. Steven Hampton previously worked as staffer under Libby Davies. So we may effectively have 2 conflicts of interest… thus far.

LIBBY SCANDALSteven Hampton has been in direct communication with Libby Davies for “Discussions with government officials regarding the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.”

In fact, we know Ms. NDP Libby Davies “just happens to be” (there’s another one), a prime opponent to the success of the MMPR process in Canada which she would effectively like to see derailed. CEN Biotech, is not only a threat to her agenda, but also to Tilray, as CEN Biotech is perhaps the most ambitious and conservative publicly traded company currently supporting the MMPR program.

In fact, Libby Davies is so passionately and vehemently opposed to the MMPR process, that she writes open letters to the health minister and public officials publicly opposing the MMPR system. In one letter she writes:

“Since its inception in 2001, I have written various Health Ministers on a number of occasions with concerns about the execution of Health Canada’s Marijuana Medical Access Program (MMAP)”…. “…my greatest concern lies in the “commercial” production of medical marijuana proposed within the new Program. Why has Health Canada selected out commercial producers in its new Program proposal?” “…The proposed MMPR, I believe, does not fulfill this original purpose.”

Thus… from this perspective, it makes perfect sense for the agendas of Ms. Libby Davies, and also of CEN Biotech’s competitor Tilray, to share a common denominator. The destruction and demise of the largest and most scientifically advanced MMPR applicant in the program.

As I somewhat touched upon, Tilray is operated by Lafitte Ventures, wholly owned subsidiary of Privateer Holdings. My dear reader, you may propose that Tilray is merely seeking to provide council to Ms. Libby Davies or to spend the time convincing her to change her views in support of the MMPR process. But why on earth, would an MMPR applicant, be involved in lobbying and assisting perhaps the most anti-MMPR Liberal Member of Parliament? A member of parliament, who by the way is not seeking re-election, and will soon be leaving office…

“I really feel it’s time to call it a day. It’s really a personal decision just about timing and contemplating if I want to go in another election and realizing once we have the election and, hopefully if I had been re-elected, it would be possibly another four years.” Said Ms. Davies in a recent “Globe and Mail” article.

Perhaps Tilray has no fear for damage through this connection due to the impending resignation of Libby Davies. Or perhaps Tilray’s ultimate agenda may align with Libby’s views on the abandonment of the MMPR process in order to Lobby for a full scale recreational legalization effort, to which they would be strategically aligned in providing Lafitte Ventures product by way of their new branding subsidiary, Marley Natural, which they advertise as “the world’s first global cannabis brand” in partnership with the Marley family on their website. But there is more than one possibility in that instance.

So where might you ask does Grant Robertson come into all this? Why is he so focused on the demise of CEN Biotech / Creative edge Nutrition? Well, that is to be determined. We do know that Mr Robinson has been in communication either directly or indirectly, with one Mathew Finston, a self-proclaimed stock adviser, and / or an associate of his, a Mr. Alan Brochstein of 420 investor, who just so happens to have a direct tie to another Canadian MMPR competitor of CEN Biotech, that being Supreme Pharmaceuticals through Mr Brochsteins previous co-writers, one Brayden Sutton – Executive VP of Supreme Pharmaceuticals.

In his article, Grant Robertson makes an interesting comment. “CEN Biotech has been under a cloud of allegations surrounding its conduct in the capital markets.” Says Mr Robertson.

It may also be interesting, given what we have revealed thus far, that these allegations he mentions have stemmed almost exclusively from several of the individuals I’ve mentioned above who have a vested interest in the demise of the company through relentless coordinated attacks. Including himself.

This is what we know, based upon this corruption. It is a tale of political ties, conflicts of interest, and Conservative vs. Liberal agendas. It is a tale of eat or be eaten. And there will be a story told.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper once called on NDP MP Libby Davies to resign as her party’s deputy leader. Many believe he may have been on to something. And thus now, an informed collective population are calling for the same resignation. Her abuse of office by involving herself in the midst of such a controversial issue with such a definitive conflict of interest cannot exist in the midst of this corruption. Nor should any other.

Mason Godric.

Part 2 of this series can be found here.

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Disclaimer. The author has no affiliation with any companies mentioned in this article, and has not received any form of compensation.


  1. For the record, Matt Finston is not in any manner an associate of mine. Further, I last had contact with Grant Robertson more than six months ago. Finally, I have never included Supreme in any model portfolio, and Brayden Sutton wasn’t a “co-writer” in any event. The author needs to work a little harder on his or her dot-connecting skills. This inept theorizing is ironic given the accusations thrown at the Globe & Mail reporter.

  2. Fantastic article MMJ please do keep it up! To Brochstein, you are as dirty as they come and will be exposed. You’re also a liar and theaf! How’s it that you lost $800k in your parents faux foundation and have 8 shell companies running through a residential address? Tax evasion Alan??

  3. Fantastic article MMJ Today and I look forward to your next pieces! Brochstein you are a sick and corrupt POS, how about that Jason St tax evasion shell foundation? Your parents must be so proud.

  4. Just the tip of the iceberg actually. The legal reason(s) opposing the MMAR/MMPR scheme are all constitutional. Ruled as a violation of Charter Rights upon a number of occasions, the government agenda is at fault. Upcoming Supreme Court hearings and lawsuits in process all speak to illegal behaviour – upon the part of the government. Several conflicts of interest exist among many other players in the game. Political issues are hard at work in the background. As the UN noted in 1993, prohibition creates corruption at ALL levels of government.
    A little OTC stock activity in a “new” market, meh. Give it five years.

  5. […] I recently wrote to you in an effort to draw light upon some of the potentially unhealthy relationships surrounding CEN Biotech competitor Privateer holdings, including that of NDP member Libby Davies, who has been in direct communication with Tilray representatives, as well as through one Mr. Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail, who by many accounts, appears to be aligned with the anti MMPR position of Miss Davies. Miss Davies, when contacted for comment on more than one occasion, would not provide details of her relationship with Privateer Holdings or related companies or compensations from the same, although we have been made aware of general statements in response to other individuals. You can find part 1 of this series here. […]


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